Material Donations

Wanderground seeks and values a variety of keepsakes that represent, document, portray, and/or celebrate the diversity of Lesbian lives and experiences.

We collect materials that represent the vibrant Lesbian personal experiences, cultures, communities, and spaces that thrived between the years 1950 – 2000.

Located in New England, we prioritize and collect personal items from Lesbians who have spent a significant part of their lives in the region (either currently or in previous years). We also gather and preserve artifacts and papers from New England-based Lesbian organizations.

Financial Donations

We appreciate your financial contributions to support our work offering a grounding place to wander and browse…to discover, learn, and affirm Lesbian identities. As we are an all-volunteer organization, your financial support goes directly to:

  • Operating expenses (archival supplies, etc.)
  • Events and presentations
  • Technology connections (Internet, Zoom, online cataloging, etc.)
  • And more….

We accept donations of all sizes, small and large. Your donations may be one-time or recurring!


Or send check or money order to:
PO Box 10446
Cranston RI 02910

Honor those you love or who have inspired you. We welcome memorial and honorary gifts.

Wanderground is a nonprofit 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.

Make Us Your Cause! — Special Purpose Fundraising

Do you have a special birthday coming up? Or an anniversary? Maybe you’d like to recognize or honor a friend or family member or colleague! Perhaps you’d like to use this special event or memorial to raise money for a cause you care about and want to support. If so, please consider Wanderground!

Wanderground offers the opportunity for you to celebrate YOU (or a loved one) by collecting donations for us. This kind of  Peer-to-Peer (P2P) campaign allows you to send a personal message to your networks of friends and family with a special link that will safely and securely allow them to make a donation directly to Wanderground.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, please contact us for more details.

Books for Sale

Our founder has lots of books…many that don’t fit the focus of Wanderground.

As a book reviewer and longtime bookseller, her personal library got quite big over the years and now it’s time to downsize. You can find a listing of books on the Litwomen Alibris booksellers page. Titles featured are primarily (but not only) women’s studies books in a wide-range of topic and genre areas. Unless noted, all books are in excellent brand-new condition.

** The profits from these book sales go directly to Wanderground. **

Visit the Alibris page to see what’s available.

YOU Make This Possible…

Wanderground strives to make Lesbian lives and herstory visible and accessible. There are so many stories that deserve to be told, preserved, shared, and celebrated. Stories that have ended, stories still in process, stories that have changed the way we see ourselves and the way we are seen by others … including your own story and memorabilia as well!

The collections and programs of Wanderground Lesbian Archive/Library exist and thrive through generous donations of money, physical items, and volunteer energy.

We thank you for your on-going support.

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