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Upcoming Events for May & June

Sports ‘n Dykes

Thurs., May 23, 2024
6:30 pm
Zoom Event

Join us on Zoom for an interactive conversation about Lesbians and Sports. We’ll present some of the items in our collection and invite you to share your stories. Show & tell encouraged!
– What Lesbian/women’s sport(s) are your favorites?
– Are (were) you a player? Who did you play for?
– Are you a spectator? A loyal fan?
– What are some of your favorite Lesbian/women’s teams?

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Gathering Stories from Shared Memories – A Workshop

Wednesday, June 5, 2021
6:30 – 8:30 pm

Do you like talking with Lesbians and learning new viewpoints about Lesbians’ experiences?
For the next year, Wanderground will be working on a project called “Exploring the Archives: Sharing Stories/Building Connections.” We want to gather stories and memories about items, events, or themes represented in our collection.

We are seeking volunteers to help us gather these stories and memories. This workshop will provide suggestions and support to get you actively involved.


  • Discover ways to ask open-ended questions to get Lesbians talking
  • Learn techniques to listen and take note of what the storyteller is saying
  • Hear more about how you can be involved in this project

Facilitator: Virginia Thomas
Virginia Thomas is the founder of the Queer StoRIes Project, an intergenerational oral history project pairing LGBTQ youth and elders in Rhode Island to share their stories. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies and Art History at Providence College.

With Mev Miller, Instigator and Lesbrarian for Wanderground

Registration link coming soon

“Strutting Our Stuff” Pop-Ups

Though we don’t have a permanent physical location (yet), we’re doing our best to provide access and visibility for our collections. We generate interest for Wanderground in various venues around the six-state New England region.

We showcase a sampling of our materials through attractive displays highlighting items of particular interest to the host location. These events include an interactive curator talk and participant discussion. Our recent visits included:

  • Western Mass. OLOC Chapter, Northampton, MA
  • Providence Public Library and Providence PRIDE Flea, Providence RI
  • Newport Pride Center, Newport, MA
  • Unitarian Society of New Haven, Hamden, CT

We’d like to visit you too!

Do you live or work in the six-state region of New England (Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, or Maine)?  Please encourage your local community center, university, church/synagogue, museums or other similar venue locations to host us. For more details or to make arrangements, please contact

Books on Display, Pop-Up Event May 2023, Newport, RI
Artifacts & Memorabilia, Pop-Up event April 2023, Northampton, MA
T-Shirt Display, Pop-Up Event September 2023, Hamden, CT

Library Displays

Wanderground has provided special displays in various public libraries. Does your local public or university library (museums or other similar settings) have secure covered cases with changing displays? Please put us in contact with your librarian to arrange for a display of Wanderground materials.  We prefer a one-to-three-month time period. For more details or to make arrangements, please contact

Display case, Providence Public Library, RI

We’re creating more opportunities as well – house parties, Zoom events, and more! Watch for more events in the coming months.

Do you have an idea of something you’d like us to do? Contact

Display case, Cranston Public Library, RI
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