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cover of Boston spirit march issue with picture of 2 lesbian brides and side headline about wanderground

Boston Spirit Magazine (March-April 2024 issue) features an in-depth article about Wanderground on pp. 12-13. The article includes information about who we are, how we started — and our plans for the near future. We expect the full article to be on their website soon. In the meantime, you can download this pdf.


On another note…our Groundkeepers (volunteers) have been busy organizing our collections and updating our catalogues. The T-shirt collection, for example, has recently been expanded – we now have 60% of the collection listed. Please watch for new items in the coming months.

Album covers and music resources

WHERE are we?

The Wanderground archives currently reside in a private home. However, we do provide “pop-up” events in the New England region to show samplings from the collection. If you are interested in hosting us in your community, please contact:

YES – we will become a public venue open to individuals who are curious or doing research. The Stewards are working to launch a capital campaign sometime in 2024 so that we can locate and move into a suitable building. If you have experience to support our efforts, we invite you to contact us!

Fun DYKE Facts

Created in 1986, the D.Y.K.E. (Do You Know Enough?) game offers insights into Lesbian living, culture, and community. This fun and informative game features many accomplishments by Lesbians in categories of Arts, Earth Science, Fun & Games, Music & Entertainment, Ourstory, and Potluck. Julia Penelope, Flowing (Margaret Johnson), and Sarah Valentine developed 500 cards each with six questions for a total of 3,000 trivia questions. See the complete game instructions here.

To keep Lesbian Heritages visible, explore our site to see a new question pop-up on a different webpage at different times during a week. We hope this will encourage your curiosity to learn more about past Lesbian life and cultures. Please note: To maintain herstorical accuracy, we present the wordings and spellings exactly as they are on the card.

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