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April is a time for planting seeds and growing bounty…​with your help.

Cultures … Communities … Thriving spaces and places

To some, it may seem trivial. For us it’s a necessity.

We’re certain you know what we mean. We can’t lose the important herstories that made us who we are … Will you make a gift today to help bring Lesbian herstories to life on an interactive and searchable website? 

New England’s Lesbian herstory is wonderfully rich. But the soil for Lesbian communities across New England has been winter static for too long… There are so many stories that deserve to be told, preserved, shared, and celebrated. Stories that have ended, stories still in process, stories that have changed the way we see ourselves and the way we are seen by others …

With your help, these stories can begin to truly bloom this spring and summer. Will you help water the seeds with a gift right now.

A website is a hugely important step on the journey from imagination to dream come true — people like you are bringing Wanderground to life. 

I want YOU to have access to the catalogs, videos, and myriad Lesbian keepsakes that celebrate who we are and where we’ve been. And I want them to be available and accessible to anyone who may be curious about this growing community of care… Including the generations coming up behind us who are eager to find their way forward.

Your support today helps preserve our New England Lesbian past and build bridges to the future.

Learn more about Wanderground….

Issue 80 (January 2023): Open Issue

Interview with Mev Miller, pp. 22-23

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books on shelf

Hundreds of Lesbian books since the 1960s — all topics and genres…

Lesbian Periodicals

Journals - Common Lives, Lesbian Lives

Common Lives/Lesbian Lives, Sinister Wisdom, Lesbian Ethics, Maize — to name a few…

And more…

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Buttons, bumperstickers, letters, personal diaries, art and artifacts, — so many possibilities of Lesbian memorabilia…


Wanderground – Archiving Lesbian legacies, words, creativity – a community space located in Rhode Island

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As we grow and get more organized, your generosity will help us towards moving into a permanent/pubic space.

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