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I have been collecting lesbian publications since I came out in 1977. I now have hundreds of volumes that will hopefully become the cornerstone for Wanderground. I have been cataloging these books over several years — and it’s still growing. Here’s a sneak peek of the collection. More titles are added regularly.

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During the time of COVID, with many Old Lesbians experiencing an extra layer of isolation, I began to think about how to use my camera to make visible the many Old Lesbians in Rhode Island who, even in the best of times, can be ignored or remain non-visible. This first edition of At Home with Old Lesbians in Rhode Island is being made available to correspond with National Coming Out Day – October 11, 2020.

A Labor of Love: Radio Documentary (1995)

The History of Feminist and Lesbian Bookstores and Publishing
This radio documentary pays tribute to the work of women’s/feminist and lesbian bookstores and publishers.  It was produced in 1995 to celebrate the 25 year anniversaries of:

  • Publisher – The Feminist Press at CUNY in New York, NY
  • Periodical – Off Our Backs: A Women’s Newsjournal in Washington, DC
  • Bookstore – Amazon Bookstore in Minneapolis, MN

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