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Early Lesbian / Feminist Publishers:
The Beginnings of the Women-in-Print Movement…..

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the Women’s Liberation Movement became more of a “print movement” as Lesbian/feminist writers sought to share their creative and political ideas with broader audiences of Lesbians/women. Lesbian and feminist newspapers and journals (local and national) became more popular.

But male printers would refuse to print the publications. As a result, women began to buy and establish their own printing presses, that sometimes grew to become typesetters and binderies. Examples include: The Women’s Press Collective in Oakland, CA, Daughters, Inc, in Vermont, Diana Press in Baltimore, and The Iowa City Women’s Press.

With this control of production, Lesbians started to publish books as well as periodicals. By 1975, over 20 Lesbian/feminist owned and operated publishing companies came into existence. With the simultaneous development of Lesbian/feminist/women’s bookstores (as sources of distribution of the publications), The Women-in-Print Movement grew stronger over time.

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