Wanderground – What’s Next

Wanderground – What’s Next Research Installment # Blog Post – March 31, 2022 This is the final installment summarizing the Wanderground research project funded by the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities. A warm thank you to the Council for their support – for both the funding and the staff involvement. And thanks to allContinue reading “Wanderground – What’s Next”

Bigger Visions for Space & Collections

Wanderground – Bigger Visions for Space & Collections Summarizing Interests… Research Installment #8 Blog Post – March 25, 2022 One of the key questions I had for this research project over the past year was this: Is there evidence that Lesbians in Rhode Island would be interested in visiting and using a Rhode Island basedContinue reading “Bigger Visions for Space & Collections”

Collaborations & Information sharing

Collaborations & Information SharingWorking together with other LGBTQ collections – in RI and beyond… Research Installment #7 Blog Post – March 18, 2022 Wanderground (as a physical space) has been brewing in my imagination for nearly 10 years – and even longer if I include many iterations over decades. I have finally found time andContinue reading “Collaborations & Information sharing”

Creating Communities & Activisms

Research Summary – Installment #3                                     Blog Post – February 18, 2022 Creating Communities & ActivismsBeyond publications, where else did we find other Lesbians? Where did we go to find ourselves and each other?  How was Lesbian/feminist organizing impacted by Lesbian artistic expression? “You feel your lesbian power standing in a group of sisters, unitedContinue reading “Creating Communities & Activisms”

I Found My People

Research Summary – Installment #2                                     Blog Post – February 11, 2022 I Found My PeopleWhat were our first encounters with Lesbian publications and how they made us feel. As early as the 1960s, Lesbians began to more openly express their feelings and life experiences in poetry, stories, and essays. The Women in Print MovementContinue reading “I Found My People”

Down Time Podcast

Mev Miller, Instigator of Wanderground, recently participated in a conversation with Cranston librarians Tayla Cardillo and Robin Nyzio for the weekly podcast, Down Time with Cranston Public Library. In the podcast, Staff from the Cranston Public Library share what they’ve been reading, what they’ve been watching, and what they’ve been loving. In Episode 63 (JuneContinue reading “Down Time Podcast”