Some Updates

We are Now a Non-Profit

In late August 2022, we received our official determination letter from the IRS. Wanderground is a charitable organization and can receive tax deductible donations, bequests, and other gifts.

What are the next steps? The Amazon Steward Council (Board of Directors) for Wanderground has several big priorities we are pursuing:

  • Develop and Finalize a Wanderground Groundwork Sustainability Canvas (Strategic Plan).
  • Outline Collection Enhancement and Growth Guidelines
  • Find and Secure A Place of Our Own to permanently house the Wanderground Lesbian Archive and Library

You may donate online or send a check to:

PO Box 10446
Cranston, RI 02910

We Are Grateful

SEG’s Microgrant Awarded

Wanderground has received a Microgrant from the Social Enterprise Greenhouse. Funds will be used for a specific program: Strutting Our Stuff! Wanderground Pops-Up around New England. Until we can finalize a permanent space for our collection (and perhaps even afterwards), we would like to make the riches held in Wanderground visible and accessible to communities (especially Lesbians) across the New England region.

We plan to physically do this through a combination of pop-up events and formal presentations at various educational or community venues during the spring of 2023. If you would like us to visit your local community library, LGBTQ center, or other venue, please contact:

Anonymous Donor

Thank you to the Anonymous Donor who made a generous contribution of $2,500 to Wanderground from the Seng Fund at the Rhode Island Foundation. Thanks again for your interest in our work. We will put this to good use!


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