Wanderground First Public Exhibit

Wanderground Lesbian Archive Exhibits at Providence Public Library

May 18, 2021

Cranston, RI: Wanderground Lesbian Archive/Library invites community members to view a showcase sampling of materials in our collection. The display will be at the Providence Public library from June 1 – August 31 in the Providence Journal Rhode Island Room (150 Empire St., Providence, RI).

Additionally, Providence Public Library has also scheduled Show & Tell with the Wanderground Lesbian Archive: Curator’s Tour for Wednesday, June 15, 2022 from 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm. Due to limited capacity of the room, those interested are asked to register at https://www.provlib.org/calendar/?id=9016946&d=2022-06-15.

Curated by Mev Miller, Lesbrarian/Instigator, this will be the first public viewing of several of the holdings in the Wanderground collection. Collected over the past 40 years, these selections come from her extensive library (3,500+ items) of Lesbian/feminist publications as well as media, art, and other culturally significant items. This exhibit especially highlights the early days of Lesbian-made culture and activism (1970-2000).

The materials make up the cornerstone of what will become Wanderground, a Lesbian Archive/Library being developed as a community-based resource for New England. Wanderground seeks to revitalize our herstories as footing to create bridges for generations of Lesbian futures. Wanderground Lesbian Archive/Library (and eventual Makerspace) will provide vibrant community gathering spaces to collect, preserve, and bring to life Lesbian activisms, artistic cultural expressions, and forgotten legacies.  It will become a grounding place to wander and browse, discover, learn, build positive futures, and affirm Lesbian identities.

For more information about the development of Wanderground, or to join the mailing list, contact info@wanderground.org.


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