Wanderground – What’s Next

Wanderground – What’s Next Research Installment # Blog Post – March 31, 2022 This is the final installment summarizing the Wanderground research project funded by the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities. A warm thank you to the Council for their support – for both the funding and the staff involvement. And thanks to allContinue reading “Wanderground – What’s Next”

Bigger Visions for Space & Collections

Wanderground – Bigger Visions for Space & Collections Summarizing Interests… Research Installment #8 Blog Post – March 25, 2022 One of the key questions I had for this research project over the past year was this: Is there evidence that Lesbians in Rhode Island would be interested in visiting and using a Rhode Island basedContinue reading “Bigger Visions for Space & Collections”

Collaborations & Information sharing

Collaborations & Information SharingWorking together with other LGBTQ collections – in RI and beyond… Research Installment #7 Blog Post – March 18, 2022 Wanderground (as a physical space) has been brewing in my imagination for nearly 10 years – and even longer if I include many iterations over decades. I have finally found time andContinue reading “Collaborations & Information sharing”

Do I Count?

Do I Count? How to Collect Your Life in MemorabiliaWhat can we learn from other Lesbian archives around the country and how to save our own “stuff.” Research Installment #6                                     Blog Post – March 11, 2022 One might say I’m a pack rat…others might call me too nostalgic. I come by this honestly, IContinue reading “Do I Count?”

Who Needs Archives

Who Needs Archives (and why the name “Wanderground”)?Are Lesbians in Rhode Island enthusiastic about an archive in RI? Research Installment #5                                     Blog Post – March 4, 2022 Let’s just start here…overall, those who responded to the Wanderground Research (by survey or interview) were generally quite enthusiastic about having access to a Lesbian archive basedContinue reading “Who Needs Archives”