The Survey is Still OPEN!

Early Responses Offering Great Insight

The Wanderground Project continues to invite Lesbians in Rhode Island to share your ideas about creating an archive/library in Rhode Island that includes Lesbian writings, culture, and creativity.

NEW – A shorter version of the survey (in English) focuses primarily on your thoughts about creating a Lesbian archive/library.

The longer version of the survey (also still available) gives you more opportunity to share your experiences with enjoying – and creating – Lesbian writings and culture. A version in Spanish is also available.

The responses received so far have generally expressed enthusiasm for creating an archive/library here in Rhode Island. Several respondents have shared compelling stories about their experiences with Lesbian culture and activism.

What an exciting time that was … being part of a nationwide and worldwide lesbian feminist culture … being politicized, falling in love, concerts, conferences, women’s centers, poetry, newspapers, journals, books, activism, working it out together! These personal politics became such a large part of my identity. I think probably my primary identity. – Survey respondent

The lesbian feminist activists of the second wave of feminism are aging fast. We need to capture this herstory while we still can. And, unbelievably after all these years of work, it seems lesbians are just as invisible now as we were 40 years ago. It is still true that people do not see what they do not want to see. – Survey respondent

Two twenty-something Lesbians also added (paraphrased conversation)….

We want a space for Lesbian visibility. We want access to Lesbian and feminist history and activism, specifically Lesbian. We don’t know our Lesbian history and we want to know more. Having a Lesbian archive and library could be a place where we — and everyone — can learn more about Lesbians. We want (need) Lesbian visibility. Lesbians have been in the front of many social change movements – we do a lot for others – we can get sh– done! But Lesbians also need space for themselves, where we can learn about ourselves and spend time with each other. We want more Lesbian stories and space(s) where we can be in community.

Please add your ideas and opinions
to this growing wealth of information.
We welcome your input.

Don’t like surveys? or Prefer to have a conversation?

If you want to personally speak with Mev OR organize a discussion with your own organization or group…
Contact Mev to set-up a date and time.



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