Down Time Podcast

Mev Miller, Instigator of Wanderground, recently participated in a conversation with Cranston librarians Tayla Cardillo and Robin Nyzio for the weekly podcast, Down Time with Cranston Public Library. In the podcast, Staff from the Cranston Public Library share what they’ve been reading, what they’ve been watching, and what they’ve been loving.

In Episode 63 (June 29, 2021), “The Wanderground Archive,” Tayla is joined by Robin from Hall and Mev Miller from the Wanderground Archive to talk about this budding cultural archive and what inspired her to try to create an archive to preserve lesbian literature and cultural artifacts in RI. They also talk about enjoying stories about characters that are their age, Disney, and the decline of lesbian-centric spaces. During The Last Chapter they discuss: how do you organize your books at home?

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